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Reno Silva

Hello everyone, this week I would like to touch on a very exciting time at MDC Media Group Inc. As many of you may now know, we have officially launched CamoesTV on Sundays at 10am through Corus Entertainment on Bell TV 583, Bell Fibe 235 & 1235, Rogers Digital 129, Rogers Cable 12, and on Shaw 646. This hour-long show contains 4 main segments, one of which is a music segment I host called “Beyond The Music” – here’s what you can expect.
As someone who has been involved in the music industry – both Portuguese as well as English, I have done my fair share of interviews and have come to almost expect some of the same questions almost all artists also get. Sure the “how old were you when you started playing” and “what are your biggest influences” questions are always great to know, but as an artist myself, I know that lots of things go through our minds more than the usual questions would indicate. What if we can go really into the core of what makes the artist tick, things that we hardly ever get asked? How about stuff like superstitions before going on stage, or if an artist can sing through being emotional, or what scares them the most about music?
The idea to do this was always set to be in a natural environment, as if the artist & myself are having a conversation with one another. In fact, as if we were having a coffee with one another, where the artist is not feeling like he or she is being interviewed. Any time you are being interviewed, you are still performing for the camera, at least it always feels that way. The notion that so many people are watching you and you are trying to look good on camera, it always resides in the back of your mind. With “Beyond The Music”, we decided to go for that conversation feel to have that effect be minimized and have it come across like two friends talking about whatever as if it would be in a coffee shop conversation.
The show consists of the interview, as well as an exclusive in-studio performance where the artist will feature a song or two that they feel best represents where they are in music. This is a great chance to hear the core of the artist, with no gimmicks, no help and no bells and whistles. If the interview is natural, then so is the performance. This almost brings into your living room a few incidents where some well-known musicians had their careers started by getting cornered into a hotel room by a record label or management company wanting to hear the song in its bare-bones, right there and then. This is almost like that, just without the pressure!
We will look to highlight, interview and feature the best of what the Lusophone community has to offer, both local as well as international. Once in a while we will also feature some of the artists coming through the studio, as well as the Sony Soundstage. This gives you a chance to get the natural perspective from some of the artists you love. What is wonderful about this show as well, is that it is also being recorded in studio so that we can offer you up podcasts or even have you listen to some of what you missed on CamoesRadio.com.
As your host, I can tell you that the rather large but dedicated and wonderful team will look to always bring this level of the best, most interesting and unique perspective on the artist to you. We always welcome your feedback and look forward to entertaining you for a very long time.

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