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Armando Terra is a collector of nostalgia and in this initial column the passion of assembling will be explained.


A Blast from the Past-armandocarro-entretenimento-mileniostadium
Armando Terra Is a collector of nostalgia and in this initial column the passion of assembling . Foto: Noah Ganhão/LusoLife

The value of my collection is purely emotional and not used for financial gains. The collection allows me and others that I share with, to relive memories of my and your childhood and reconnect to a period in time which evokes precious memories.

In my case, the thrill of the hunt for another treasure is the adrenaline as I find another piece that no one else knows anything about. I am the keeper of my treasures. Unlike some unemotional business motivated collectors which treat the found items as a business venture, I vigorously search collectibles and treasures to add to my collection. My collection began initially because of my interest in Coca-Cola, the world’s number one recognized brand at the time.

Collecting takes me back to simpler times where objects and slogans, which were part of our lives, allowed me to retreat to a simpler and uncomplicated life. The essence and pride of my collection is the ownership of items which are no longer fabricated. ln the coming weeks I will be sharing with you collectibles, including vintage toys, religious artifacts, tin motorcycle toys both wind up and friction type plus advertising signage and amazing Ford Motor Company memorabilia.

Information will be provided about when the item was acquired and the significance it has to me and the collection. Collecting is a way to balance your mental health and allows learning, relaxation, reduces stress and allows the interaction with other collectors which are gradually accumulating wealth through collectives. I will be providing my contact information to provide answers to any questions you may have.

Armando Terra

Ps. More about Armando Terra and his collection, click here

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