Walmart pulls T-shirts with ‘vile’ product descriptions about female hockey fans

Walmart Canada has pulled a line of women’s T-shirts from its website after fielding complaints that their accompanying product descriptions were offensive and sexist.

The descriptions included tales of female groupies who serve as sex objects for hockey players and enjoy a golden shower.

A third-party dealer sold the T-shirts on Walmart’s site for close to a year before the company yanked them this week and apologized, after several women complained on Facebook.

The tees and their descriptive text that showed up on Walmart’s site were created in 2010 by Arizona sports apparel company Sauce Hockey. It’s under new ownership, but former Arizona Coyotes hockey player Paul Bissonnette, a Canadian, held a stake in the company when the line was launched.

One description for a T-shirt called Road Bunny Women’s Burnout indicated it was designed for the woman who’s “more interested in the visiting team coming to town, because there’s fresh faces and more hockey players to creep on.”

Text for a jersey titled Sauce Intern Women’s Crew implied it was inspired by the “super fan girl” who volunteers for the hockey crew just to get close to the players. “By the end of the season she’s ‘dated’ half the team.”

A Stage 5 Clinger Tee included a tale of a hockey player’s clingy one-night stand. “Bad mistake taking this girl home,” it said. “Give her a golden shower maybe?” it suggested to get rid of her. “Nope, she loved it.”

Walmart is also expressing regret.

“We sincerely apologize for any unintended offence this has caused our customers,” said Walmart Canada spokesperson Anika Malik in an email. “The descriptions accompanying these tees do not represent Walmart’s values and have no place on our site.”

The shirts were sold on the site by third-party retailer IceJerseys. Malik said Walmart has “checks and balances” for dealers using its site but, following this incident, it’s reviewing that process.

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