Doug Ford showed up at a hydro rally for 6 minutes

It’s all about hydro Tuesday morning, with news of Hydro One board members giving themselves raises. All the leaders have criticized the move, with Doug Ford even bringing it up at a rally out front of Hydro One’s annual general meeting.

The only stop listed on PC Leader Doug Ford’s itinerary Tuesday was a rally out front of Hydro One’s annual general meeting — and it was a brief, weird one.

He pulled up in a black SUV right at 9:30 a.m., popping into the crowd of supporters and shaking some hands. He then spoke to reporters, attacking Hydro One, its CEO, its board members, Kathleen Wynne and notably the NDP — who he has started going after.

“The NDP are just as bad as the Liberals,” he said. He also said wouldn’t commit to buying back shares in Hydro One, as the NDP have promised to do. Ford then went to leave, but walked the wrong way and ended up in an alley between two buildings.

After the confusion, he hopped back into the car six minutes and 20 seconds after showing up.

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