82-year-old great-grandmother takes on BMO for suspect life insurance advice

A Quebec great-grandmother got money back and an apology from the bank after she was first led to believe she’d get nothing if she cancelled her life insurance policy.

Ella Beck, 82 years old, had been paying into her plan for more than a decade and was concerned about the ongoing costs. But she says the Bank of Montreal told her if she quit, she’d lose her entire policy and walk away empty-handed.”I was so upset that I just said, ‘That is unreal,'” said Beck, of LaSalle, Quebec.

She turned to the media for help, and, following a CBC News investigation, she learned she could actually cancel her policy and get some cash back.

Beck did just that, but she’s still unhappy with how it all went down.

“That’s very wrong,” she said. “That should be presented to everybody that you have options.”

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