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Who will scoop up: Mississauga or Brampton?

Here is a conspiracy theory for you…
If Premier Doug Ford had a better relationship with Mayor John Tory of Toronto, he would have used Toronto to take over the Region of Peel which would include Mississauga and especially Brampton.

You ask why?
Aside from having a personal dislike for Mayor Patrick Brown, and Mayor Bonnie Crombie is a Liberal, Doug Ford’s government would love to control these municipalities.

During the hectic last-minute changes to municipal elections in 2018, the provincial government announced that there will be a review of how regional government across Ontario is working.

The Ford government has decided that after 50 years it was time to do a review of regional governments to make sure they’re working efficiently and effectively. A number of those regional governments were modeled along the lines of the former Metro Toronto configuration, back when Toronto was divided into six separate municipalities.
The previous Mike Harris government in the late 1990s amalgamated those six former municipalities and Metro Toronto into the current megacity we know today.

Mississauga City Council voted to explore leaving the Regional Municipality of Peel.

This has been a recurring issue for former mayor Hazel McCallion, but the latest motion comes as the city is reckoning with its own changing status in Peel Region, as well as the future of Brampton and Caledon. There’s been some suggestion that Mississauga has carried the region’s weight for many years. The status quo is changing rapidly, while Mississauga added 45,000 people between 2006-11, Brampton added double that number (90,000) and future growth in Brampton and Caledon is likely to be more rapid than in Mississauga.

Another piece to this conspiracy theory is the uploading of the Toronto Transit back to the province.
You ask why?
Infrastructure funding is also going to increasingly divide Peel’s three cities. Mississauga is at the end of its boom years, and like Toronto has basically built out to its borders. The only answer left for these cities is to build more densely and build better transit.
Thus, why the province wants to upload transit back to the province because it knows that any further future growth can only happen through better transit infrastructure.

What we call the triangle of Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton are very attractive cities for the Ford government to control its growth and influence its political powers through different road blocks that Doug Ford’s government will throw at. Even if these cities were to work out some kind of a split, the provincial government will not want this to happen and will throw all kinds of legislative hurdles to stop this from happening.
One positive that has come out of these growing cities, especially with Mississauga and Brampton is the growing block of multicultural communities. The Portuguese and the Indian communities have thrived in these cities and are growing leaps and bounds. Not only are they living in these communities, but they are setting up business to service the needs of these communities. Another big positive is that the city of Brampton will welcome a new university campus, a joint venture of Sheridan College and Ryerson University, in the next few years. It will share a new building with a city Innovation Centre.

Mississauga and Brampton were once known as the bed room communities for the city of Toronto. But over time they have developed into their own cities with thriving communities and developing their own identity. However, coming full circle to my conspiracy theory is that the Ford government will do everything it can to control growth through its varies means, wanting to dictate the future growth of these cities by any means possible.

The question is why?

Vince Black

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