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Lottery and gaming Addiction…

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The old cliché if you don’t play you can’t win has gone to the next level with every sector of our communities. There are drafts, business groups, company pools and individual that can’t get enough of spending hard earned dollars on all types of lottery games.

Alcohol and cocaine are the two most common substances associated with gambling and binge gambling, respectively. The lottery system is an Ontario – run gambling with unbeatable odds, a government monopoly that raked in $3 billion in sales last year. That’s more money spent on lottery and gaming than spent on other forms of entertainment.

Playing lotteries, poker, slots, and other games of chance may be a fun pastime for some people. Casual gambling can kill time and be forgotten at the end of the day. For others, it can have severe undertones.

Gambling addiction is a very serious problem – one that can ruin lives if not corrected quickly.

Like any severe addiction, gambling disorder can strain and may eventually damage personal and professional relationships beyond repair – but that’s not the full extent of the wreckage it can leave in its wake. Gambling addicts are particularly prone to burning through their savings and burying themselves in debt. This type of addiction isn’t just hard on the brain and body, but also on the wallet. The house, as they say, always wins – doubly so when compulsive gambling is concerned.

Many people ask is it really that big of a problem?


If you or someone you know has a lottery gambling problem, for instance, you’ll find it especially difficult to limit exposure. It is, after all, one of the most ubiquitous forms of gambling. It’s presents in local convenience stores, shown on TV, and even has a place in newspapers. With the prevalence of online lottery sites, even the internet isn’t safe for lottery gamblers trying to cut on the habit.

If you know someone close to you that has a gambling addiction the best thing that can be done in most cases is to recognize that the problem exists. If you suspect that someone you care about could be a problem or compulsive gambler, you may want to stage an intervention.

While it’s most effective during the earliest signs of problem gambling, intervention at any stage is encouraged. Shining a light on gambling addiction and showing that you care is important. People can be unaware of their addiction, and even if they are, they may be in denial. It is estimated that over 80% of gambling addicts never seek treatment.

Evidence indicates that even low levels of a gambling addiction has a negative impact a person’s overall health and well-being. A study of literature surrounding the health impacts of gambling conducted by the Toronto Public Health found that a gambling addiction is associated with lower general health and well-being, chronic headaches and migraines, fatigue and sleep problems, stress, depression, and anxiety and mood disorders, alcohol and drug use or addiction and suicide.

Substance use is one of the most common negative effects of gambling. In Ontario, 33 per cent of gambling addicts reported using alcohol or drugs while gambling, with one in five gambling addicts also suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. With many co-morbidities, it can be difficult for researchers to discern causation from correlation. Many of these health effects, however, are suspected to result from the stress and strain of the financial impact of gambling addiction.

Gambling represents a large source of income for the Ontario government. OLG is a government-owned organization, tasked with overseeing and implementing gambling operations in the province. Since 1975, OLG has paid nearly $40 billion to the provincial government. And this will not stop, as OLG will use all its tools to keep us gambling and throwing money at lotteries and gaming.

This addiction is not harmless, especially on the poor, these lotteries have unbelievable odds against you, and you may never win…” a tax on the stupid” you say???

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1   10   16   19   21   39

Vincent Black

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