Sunny Days

Looking at the falling rain outside I felt sad for the state of government in this country.

As the next federal election approaches the electorate is being presented with a set of candidates that frankly is very concerning.  4 years ago the “sunny ways my friends sunny ways” candidate promised to make the sun shine brighter for Canadians by getting us all stoned with pot and thus got elected.  Of course, the Trudeau name helped and showed that Canadians will elect misfits of any type because charm and flattery is heaped upon the country alIn 2019 Canadians are set to go into an election with a Prime Minister which has been found to have broken the ethic laws of Canada, not once but twice.

It’s obvious that the sun in this country shines more for some than others and Mr. Trudeau doesn’t care to throw his opponents under the bus and lie as long as it serves his political purposes.  Just ask Jane Philpott and Jody-Wilson Raybold. 

Mario Dion the ethics commissioner clearly determined that Trudeau has violated the Conflict of Interest Act.   While financially accepting responsibility, Trudeau suggests he broke the law for the betterment of Canada.  Is promoting corruption better for Canada?  He cannot ever again look to the south and suggest that Trump is intellectually inferior because of the way he governs.  Trudeau has brought Canada to the same level of governance but his followers don’t see it.

SNC Lavalin is the litmus test of the way Trudeau intends to govern this country in the future.  It is unfortunate that the leadership of the other parties has not risen to an intellectual level deserving of the leadership of Canada.  We deserve better and going into this election, Canadians have to ask themselves if corruption, broken promises, out of control deficits and lies are what this country needs in the next 4 years.  Rainy day my friends.  Rainy days.

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