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It seems that this past year we have had an incredible number of scams and false alarms when it comes to trying to defraud the public. In January of this year it was the scam with the police calling that if you “don’t return their call, someone would come and arrest you”.

Or the scam from Revenue Canada and that you owed them money and need to call back a particular number where many folks were duked into turning over personal funds to someone at the other end of the line making out to be someone from Revenue Canada.

These scams go on and on…

The most recent scam came this past week, that you should be aware that the police are warning the public not to pick up calls from a number presenting itself as a Toronto police line.

The police have warned people not to pick up incoming calls from a number pretending to be the Toronto police line and asking for credit card information.

The Toronto police have warned the public that this is essentially fraud and that the public should not give over any information over the phone to these fraudsters and report it to the police if they have received such a call.

Robocalls are being constantly sent to residents in the Toronto area that are showing up as non-emergency number and the caller tries to convince the person at the other end to participate in the scam. Sometimes the calls are made in Mandarin and these calls in particular are the ones that ask for credit card information, as they feel that the vulnerable ethnic community is more likely to fall for the scam.

The Toronto police will never call and request any kind of information, especially credit card information. These calls are relatively new and creative and because they are so convincing, please be aware and do not give out any type of information, especially financial.

The Toronto Police Services is reminding residents it does not ask for money to be sent by Western Union or other similar businesses and does not request the purchase of gift cards.

If anyone has any information about this scam you can contact 31 Division police at 416-808-3100. Anonymous tips can be provided through Crime Stoppers at www.222tips.com or 416-222-8477.

Please stay vigilant and be on your guard at all times.

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