The world is readapting to socially distanced

As some countries begin to lift their lockdown measures, public places including restaurants, schools, and sports facilities have been faced with a new challenge of trying to reopen, without causing another wave of the coronavirus and the photos shows how.

Restaurants, supermarkets, and schools are now having to think ideas to keep close physical contact at a minimum to stop any further spread of COVID-19. The new circumstances are now forcing people to get creative with adjusting to social-distancing guidelines.

Restaurants are among those places that have to adapt the most. Some have been coming up with creative ways to enforce social-distancing measures, including putting up dividers on tables. In some places, a plastic divider is not enough. Diners in this Bangkok restaurant, for example, have been asked to sit diagonally from each other to maximize their distance. In other places, like this local Starbucks in Hong Kong, entire tables have been taped off so that people can sit as far away from each other as possible.

Restaurant owners and staff members will also have to rethink ways of how to keep service in line with government rules. Some waiters have been seen wearing personal protective equipment to serve diners.

A restaurant in Amsterdam took social distancing to a new level by seating its diners in small greenhouses that can accommodate up to two people, preferably from the same household.

Coffee chains and fast-food restaurants are also having to make changes during the pandemic. This café in Bangkok is using a contactless pulley system to serve its customers.

But it’s not just restaurants that need to adapt. Reopened sports facilities are being extra careful to avoid any social contact including this golf club in Washington, which is asking people to check-in and pay while talking over speakerphone. As some sporting events are set to start again behind closed doors, live audiences are being replaced with banners with pictures of people wearing face masks.

One method seen in most countries involves using markers on the floor to help people comply with social-distancing guidelines. These stickers are seen everywhere from supermarkets. And even pedestrian walkways, like this one in Denmark. Social distancing on public transport is set to become another challenge. But authorities are using methods like taping off to seats to ensure that no close contact is made. Other measures include regularly disinfecting public transport. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the MTA would “disinfect every train every 24 hours.” The floor markers have been used on train platforms to ensure people stand six feet apart.

Children are also being prepped on social distancing in the countries where schools have been allowed to open again. Photos show how the world is readapting to socially distanced life during the coronavirus pandemic, from plastic table barriers to taped-up urinals


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