Ontario Construction Secretariat donates $100,000 to Helmets to Hardhats

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Military to civilian transition can be tough but Helmets to Hardhats streamlines the connection between veterans and opportunities in the trades

The Ontario Construction Secretariat has announced a donation of $100,000 to Helmets to Hardhats.

The organization gives opportunities to service veterans by co-ordinating opportunities for apprenticeships, advanced training and career placement opportunities in the construction industry.

“Veterans, reservists and senior cadets are an invaluable asset to the skilled trades and we are delighted to be able to donate $100,000 on behalf of building trade construction unions and their contractor partners working in the industrial, commercial and institutional sector,” said Joe Keyes, president of the OCS board of directors, in a statement. “The Helmets to Hardhats organization is providing opportunities to military men and women who served Canada with distinction as they transition to civilian life.”

The release highlighted the career of Brent Dewell, of Carpenters’ Local 27, who was a field engineer in the Canadian military. He has always been interested in carpentry and decided to call a union representative from Local 27, who was also a veteran, and explained to him how his skills would transfer into the trades. Dewell was put in touch with Helmets to Hardhats and has been working as a carpentry apprentice since April.

“These individuals deserve our respect and have proven over the years that they are more than competent skilled trades people. The OCS trusts that this contribution will greatly assist the goals of this valuable organization,” said OCS CEO Robert Bronk.

About the Ontario Construction Secretariat (OCS)

The OCS was formed in 1993 as a joint labour and management organization representing 25 unionized construction trades and their contractor partners in Ontario’s industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) construction sector.  Its mandate is to enhance Ontario’s ICI construction industry by developing relationships, facilitating dialogue, providing value-added research, disseminating important information to client groups, and promoting the value of ICI unionized construction across Ontario.

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