Woman found guilty of terror charges for Canadian Tire attack to be sentenced today

A woman found guilty of terror charges for attacking workers at a Toronto-area Canadian Tire store is expected to be sentenced today.

Rehab Dughmosh was found guilty of four terrorism-related charges after attacking workers with a golf club and butcher’s knife while draped in an ISIS banner in June 2017.

She had also previously tried to travel to Syria to join ISIS, and one of the charges stemmed from that incident.

Crown prosecutors have requested an eight-year sentence, saying their proposal takes into count Dughmosh’s mental illness as well as the need to denounce her actions.

Dughmosh is not represented by a lawyer, but the person appointed by the court to assist her said she has shown significant improvement over time and no longer experiences suicidal or homicidal ideation.

The judge overseeing the case was to review Dughmosh’s psychiatric assessments and her treatment records from jail before deciding on a sentence.

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