TTC launches ‘Hop On-Hop Off’ program for Presto card users

TTC riders paying with Presto cards can now make short return trips or transfer between buses, streetcars or the subway within a two-hour period of time without having to pay an extra fare.

Mayor John Tory announced the beginning of the “Hop On-Hop Off” program outside the Royal York station today in the company of a Toronto family and senior staff from the TTC and Metrolinx.

“This will help people to do multiple errands or to shop at different spots along the transit, and they will only pay once,” said Tory. “It will help parents dropping kids off and then getting them back at the end of the day.”

Presto card users must still tap their card each time they enter a subway station or board a bus or streetcar but won’t be charged for each additional tap as long as it’s within two hours of the first tap.

Those paying by cash, tickets or tokens won’t be able to use the feature and instead will continue to use paper transfers that are valid for travel in one direction only.

The TTC board voted to approve the two-hour transfer program in November 2017. A report from the time said it would cost $11-million in 2018 to set up, and an additional $21-million per year afterwards.

Coun. Josh Colle, who also serves as the chair of the TTC, encouraged users who aren’t using a Presto card yet to get one to take advantage of the program, which he said is part of an ongoing effort to modernize the TTC.

“There has never been a better time to switch to Presto,” said Colle. “It’s going to be more convenient. It’s going to be more affordable.”

In addition to the two-hour transfer program, Colle said TTC monthly passes and 12-month passes are available for purchase on Presto starting in September.

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