Toronto realtor suing Gucci, Saks over eyeliner she says ruined her life

A Toronto woman has launched legal action against two titans of the fashion world, alleging misapplied makeup has caused the “complete loss of her enjoyment of life.”

Tracey Dunn’s complaint against designer Gucci America Inc. and luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue alleges an aggressive salesman applied eyeliner against her will during a 2016 trip to New York City.

The encounter, Dunn alleges, has ravaged her physical appearance by causing her to lose her eyelashes, compromised her vision and permanently changed her life.

“The plaintiff’s eyelashes and vision was (sic) affected and the plaintiff suffered serious injuries, a permanent disability, pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses,” reads Dunn’s complaint filed in the Supreme Court of New York earlier this week.

Neither Dunn, Gucci nor Saks Fifth Avenue responded to a request for comment on the legal action. None of the assertions contained in Dunn’s filing have been tested in court.

The complaint alleges Dunn’s contact with Gucci and Saks began on July 31, 2016 while she was enjoying a surprise birthday weekend in New York City with various family members.

Dunn, a real estate agent, said she and her relatives went to the Saks flagship location in Manhattan that morning and encountered a person positioning himself as a representative for Gucci.

Dunn alleges the man began applying eye liner without her consent and without cleaning or sharpening the applicator.

“He proceeded suddenly, forcefully and vigorously … with the application of the eyeliner to the inside and outside of her eyelids,” the complaint reads. “Immediately the plaintiff’s eyes began hurting and watering.”

‘Pain, soreness and sensitivity’ among alleged symptoms

Dunn’s filing said she returned to the hotel to try and remove the eyeliner, only to find it had clumped and stuck along her eyelids and lashes.

She consulted with various doctors including an ophthalmologist once she returned to Toronto, but Dunn alleges the misapplied eyeliner ultimately led to the permanent loss of her eyelashes. The filing does not disclose details on how her lashes sustained lasting damage.

In addition to the physical “disfigurement” that she says has shattered her confidence and curtailed her professional activities, Dunn claims she struggles with ongoing physical and emotional symptoms as well.

“The plaintiff still suffers with blurry vision, an inability to read for long periods of time, pain, soreness and sensitivity,” the complaint reads.

“The plaintiff’s self-esteem has been dramatically altered. She has suffered from weight gain and complete lack of self-confidence because of the disfigurement caused her by the defendants.”

Dunn’s complaint said her professional prospects have suffered as well, alleging her lost confidence and compromised vision have left her unable to attend the galas and social events she described as necessary for her real estate business.

The court filing shows Dunn is seeking $2.25 million in lost income and various damages as a result of the encounter.

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