Subway service resumes between Lawrence and St. Clair after tunnel wall damage

The TTC says subway service has resumed between Lawrence and St. Clair stations on Line 1 after construction work damaged a tunnel wall on Monday — but that stretch of the line will have to be shut down again later tonight for repairs.

Northbound trains are moving at 15 kilometres per hour between the two stations. Southbound trains, meanwhile, are moving at regular speeds.

The TTC says it will close Line 1 between Lawrence and St. Clair stations for emergency repairs at 10 p.m. on Tuesday night.

“Sorry, Raps fans. But safety first,” TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said in a tweet.

Engineers examined the tunnel to determine if any structural damage was done and crews are now ready to plug and “grout” the hole, Green added.


Shuttle buses are continuing to run between York Mills and St. Clair stations to supplement subway service. The TTC says it ordered 90 buses to transport commuters during the shutdown.

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