Premier heaps praise upon ‘champion’ ASL interpreter

Though Premier Doug Ford’s daily news conferences during the COVID-19 pandemic often carry dire warnings, a bright spot has emerged in the midst of them: the work of sign language interpreter Christopher Desloges.

It’s almost impossible not to notice Desloges, who has been a fixture at the side of government officials as they give crucial information in an unprecedented time. To say he is animated and passionate while working would be an understatement.

Ford finished his media briefing Wednesday afternoon by telling Desloges that he’s been getting a lot of emails and phone calls about his work. You can watch that exchange in the video player above.

“My friend, you’re a champion, you’re a rock star, helping people in the deaf community, and it’s so important the role you’re playing,” Ford said.

Desloges, who has eight years experience as an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, said Wednesday would be his last day on camera for the briefings, but he will still be working behind the scenes with the province.

“We’re trying to make sure that all deaf Ontarians have access. And we’re moving to include deaf interpreters,” Desloges said.

“And deaf interpreters make sure that including deaf children and deaf adults and everybody can understand the message clear, to keep themselves safe from COVID-19, and be able to follow the very important messaging that Premier Ford has shared with us.”


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