Power restored to homes in Mississauga

Power has been restored in Mississauga after thousands were in the dark early Wednesday, Alectra Utilities says.

The outage affected more than 6,000 homes and businesses at its peak in an area from Highway 403 to the south, Bristol Road to the north, Mavis Road to the west and Cawthra Road to the east.

The lights are back on as well for six homes and businesses that were without power for about an hour longer than most.

Crews now fixing equipment

Crews have determined that the cause of the outage was weather-related, according to Sandy Dorschu, communication advisor for Alectra Utilities.

Equipment was affected, but crews are fixing the equipment after restoring power to all homes and businesses, she added.

During the outage, Peel police had said some traffic lights were not working at various intersections in Mississauga.

Drivers were reminded to treat intersection as a four-way stops if the lights were out and no officer was present to direct traffic.

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