Intense heat is here for another day — but relief is in sight

After a sweltering weekend, Toronto is under a heat warning again on Monday.

The high will be 32 C — 41 with the humidex. Along with the heat, expect partial sun with possible showers or a thunderstorm beginning in the late afternoon.

And, continuing another unfortunate trend, overnight temperatures will stay high as well: it won’t go below 20 C tonight.

Blame it on the “tropical and humid air mass” which has made its way to the region from the Gulf of Mexico, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Dave Rogers.

There are also heat warnings in the Windsor and Sarnia areas, as well as eastern Ontario, including Ottawa.

Now, the good news: the hot air mass is expected to move away beginning Tuesday, heralding a cooler few days.

Wednesday will be sunny and 25 C, with an overnight temperature of 13 C.

“We’ve got high pressure air moving in for Wednesday and through the rest of the work week, and it will be slightly cooler temperatures,” said Rogers. “It will be quite comfortable.”

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