Ex-pastor charged in pregnant wife’s death sedated her to continue affair, Crown argues

Prosecutors say a former pastor accused in the drowning death of his pregnant wife did not mean to kill her but wanted her incapacitated so he could carry on with his double life.

Crown attorneys allege Philip Grandine either administered the sedative lorazepam to his wife or offered it to her so she would be less attentive while he continued a clandestine affair.

In her closing arguments, prosecutor Donna Kellway said he then failed to prevent his wife from getting in the bathtub in her drugged state, putting her “directly into harm’s way.”

Grandine has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. His lawyer did not bring any evidence in the trial.

Anna Karissa Grandine, 29, was 20 weeks pregnant when she was found in the bathtub of the couple’s bungalow on Oct. 17, 2011.

Court has heard she was not prescribed lorazepam, also known under the brand name Ativan, but the drug was found in blood samples taken at her autopsy and three days before her death, when she went to the hospital after experiencing symptoms such as confusion and drowsiness.

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