Advice from the traffic desk if you have to travel today

Good morning commuters!

Did you hear we’re supposed to get some snow?

The city is flat-out calling for “hazardous winter conditions.”

Remember Friday when we had those blowing snow squalls? OK, so we’re going to have that again — except this time, there will be 30 to 40 centimetres of snow and easterly winds up to 60 km/h.

Here are the words Environment Canada used: “Rapidly accumulating snow will make travel difficult. Visibility will be suddenly reduced to near zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow.”

And here are the words I’ll use: If you can manage to work from home, do that.

If you have to travel, put a stash of winter clothes in your vehicle.

Make sure more than just your running lights are on. That means the tail lights.

Clear your vehicle. Make sure it’s warm before you head out.

Be patient. Expect to take your time. Plan to take your time.

We’re all doing this together, it’s not you against the world.

Get some candles, water and firewood.

There are predictably several delays and cancellations at the Ottawa International Airport.

I wonder if they cancel tonight’s Senators home game.

Have a great day!

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