Mr. Volpe: You, grow up yourself!

Humberta Araujo

In my 30 years as a professional journalist – I know, Mr. Volpe, I don’t show my age as an employee for the national Portuguese TV station (RTP), Radio (RDP), and major newspapers in Azores, Portugal; founder and director of a trilingual magazine for children in Toronto; Portuguese reporter at OMNI TV, Milénio Stadium, New Canadian Media, Lusopresse and Radio Centreville, both in Montreal; I was never disrespected by any male minister, ex-minister, union leader, leader of any political party or other stakeholder, as you disrespected my position as a journalist, and my professional work at the Undocumented Workers Committee’s press conference.
Not only did you come late to the event, as you stated, which is on tape – you interrupted my questioning to the committee, by going to the microphone to ask questions which completely turned away the attention of the major issue that was being addressed. You took your time, notwithstanding my protests.

Under this surrealistic turn of events, I had to ask myself:
Was, at that point my questioning bothering you? Were you there as a journalist? Were you there as a member, friend, or acquaintance to the committee? Were you there as the director/publisher of Corriere Canadese? I could even argue, some conflict of interest, as the so-called press conference was held on the premises of the newspaper you direct, the Corriere Canadese.
This press conference, that truly had nothing of a proficient held conference but felt more like a political show of force, by the UWC, the immigration lawyer/consultant, Mr. Richard Boracks, and a “strange” participation of Mr. Volpe in the room.
It became clear to me, and to many, that the whole “event” was a sort of a setup; to call in question my work and my colleagues investigative work at Milenio Stadium, on the issue of the undocumented workers and a pilot project for the undocumented.
The members of the committee present also demonstrated, at that moment, that they were incapable of dealing skillfully and ethically with your behavior. The committee should have asked you to wait your turn to ask questions and not act as like they owed you something, and that you had the right to impose yourself with thorough contempt for one’s work. That kind of behavior was very questionable and cries wolf.
As you were satisfied with your answers, I came back to my questioning the UWC. I addressed you directly to show you my dismay towards your actions, which to me were an example of misogynistic behavior. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would definitely disapprove and it was a tentative maneuver to obstruct one’s work, to get to the truth.

At the end of the conference and behind my back, you said to me: “Grow Up!”
Well, Mr. Giuseppe Joseph Volpe, your conduct was reprehensible; coming from a man, who has held important political and governmental positions in this country, namely Minister of Immigration. So, I tell you: grow up yourself!

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