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NFL-Report–Week 9-us-mileniostadium
Foto: David Ganhao

The NFL trade deadline has come and gone; Packers fans were hoping for some magic, but no moves came. They’re left with a weak wide receiving core. Team management opted to continue developing and not sell out to win this year. It was a smart move because they are not contenders. Speaking of contenders, can we finally stick a fork in Baltimore. Lamar Jackson can’t win a big game period. Both Kansas City and Pittsburgh have owned him when he needed to win, and it’s on him. His play is mediocre at best in big games. Baltimore will not be in the Superbowl! Maybe Lamar still thinks he’s in college, where there are multiple bowl games, and everyone gets a participation medal; because he still plays like he’s in college.

The NFL is now about half a season removed from the Brady and Belichek split. The Patriots are two and five, while Tampa Bay is six and two. Tom has entered the MVP conversation, and Tampa Bay is a top five team in the NFL power rankings. Bill and the Patriots might be playing for a top draft pick at this point. Here’s hoping when they meet next year, both teams are playing at a high calibre. It’s too soon to call this, but most of you, myself included, should be leading to it’s more important to have a GOAT player than a GOAT coach, especially at the quarterback position. A coach can plan all they want, but you got to execute, and that’s where the player makes the difference; Tom delivered year in and year out. On the subject of delivering, the time is now for Tampa Bay to show that they are the real deal on the national stage. No one thought they could beat the Saints opening day, but the division is literally on the line this Sunday night. Both New Orleans and Tampa want to show they have the championship mettle. Currently, Vegas has TB and TB at 4.5 point favourites and that is exactly who I will go with. The Saints are suspect!

With the Patriots down in the dumps after a twenty-year reign (which was nothing short of astonishing), the Buffalo Bills will undoubtedly win the AFC EAST. This team has worked hard and could surprise the rest of the AFC in the playoffs; a few weeks ago, they played the Chiefs tough, next up Seattle, in another must-see game of the week. One final point, the Dallas Cowboys are 0-8 against the spread. In the last twenty years, only one other team has been 0-8 ATS; they won against the spread in their 9th game. Will the cowboys cover against the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers (a 14 point favourite and my team of the week for a second week in a row)?

Players of the week

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs
5 TDs, 0 INTs, 416 YDS

Dalvin Cook, RB, Minnesota Vikings
4 TDs, 226 TOTAL YDS

DK Metcalf, WR, Seattle Seahawks
2 TDs, 161 YDS

In the hot seat?

Democracy? Oh, wrong article! In all seriousness, instead of calling out players who should be benched this week or coaches who need to be fired and fired fast. Let’s call out the atrocious defensive play by all teams playing the Seahawks. The Hawks aren’t as good as they appear, yet Russel Wilson has 26 touchdown passes in 7 games; he’s only one behind Tom Brady, circa 2007, who had 27 in 7 games. Buffalo apparently has the “D.” So Buffalo; your defense is in the hot seat this week. I doubt many fantasy players are starting you this week; I know I wouldn’t!

Team of the Week

The Pittsburgh Steelers, even though they have played relatively weak opponents for most of the season. They handled Tennessee two weeks ago, and they went into Baltimore with the division on the line and beat a slightly overrated Ravens team last week. It wasn’t easy, having to come from behind to steal the victory, but they pulled it off. The Steelers could give the Chiefs and Bills trouble in the AFC.

NFL-Report–Week 9
Foto: David Ganhao

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