Toyota Cambridge worker tests positive for COVID-19 as plants to temporarily shut

A worker at the Toyota Cambridge plant has tested positive for COVID-19, a company spokesperson confirmed Thursday.

Spokesperson Michael Bouliane said they were informed of the positive case Wednesday by Hamilton Public Health.

The employee worked their last shift March 12 and has since been “off work, taking action to minimize risk to others,” he said.

The Toyota Cambridge health centre “immediately” notified public health and followed protocols, Bouliane said.

“Our affected employee — as well as those identified as having had close contact with the individual — will remain in self-isolation and will not return to work until being cleared by a physician,” Bouliane said.

Bouliane said the plant also deep cleaned and disinfected areas where the employees had worked.

Production suspended until March 25

The company announced Wednesday that the plant will suspend production as part of a wider closure of Toyota plants across North America.

All plants in North America, including Canada, United States and Mexico will be closed on Monday or Tuesday until March 25, according to Toyota’s news release.

The closure is over COVID-19 concerns, and Toyota officials say “a thorough cleaning” of all manufacturing facilities will be done during the shut down.

The company says it also anticipates a decline in the market for the vehicles related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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