St. John River will rise again over the weekend in Fredericton

Emergency Organization Officials are warning people living near the St. John River that water levels could rise again in Fredericton in the coming days.

The river will recede to 7.2 metres in Frederictonby Saturday and rise again to 7.9 metres Monday, the five-day St. John River forecast says.

“It doesn’t look like it will be as high as it has been, but anything could happen with the rain,” said Geoffrey Downey, spokesperson for Emergency Measures Organization.

Rain is forecast for Friday night and Saturday night.

Water levels in Maugerville and Grand Lake will continue to rise.

In Jemseg, Shefield and Lakeville Corner, the water is expected to stabilize around 6.6 and 6.7 metres respectively, and increase again Monday.

The water level in Saint John is expected to reach 5.8 metres by Friday, surpassing last year’s peak of 5.76 metres. It’s expected to recede over the weekend.

Around 490 people have been forced from their home because of the flooding, according to the Red Cross.

Roads, some schools remain closed

The Trans-Canada Highway between Oromocto and River Glade, southwest of Moncton, closed Wednesday night because of flooding. The closure stretches from Exit 306 in Oromocto to Exit 423 in River Glade.

Drivers must take a 90-kilometre detour, adding roughly an hour of travel time.

The highway could remain closed until early next week, according to Al Giberson, the general manage of MRDC, the company responsible for operating the highway between Moncton and Fredericton.

He said they have to wait until the water recedes to assess the damage to the roads.

“The wind is causing a little bit of havoc down there this morning, which just poses another concern regarding damage to the side of the highway as well as water over the road,” Giberson said.

More than 85 roads around the province are closed because of flooding.

In Fredericton, the ramps onto the Westmorland Street Bridge ramps remain closed, although the water is receding near the ramps.

“We have to be very cautious about opening ramps or any roadway too soon … We have to make sure that we can get an inspection on those ramps and we’re also expecting that the water level is going to come back up,” said Mike Walker, the roadway operations manager for Fredericton.

The flooding has also caused schools to close this week. Cambridge Narrows, ChipmanElementary School and Chipman Forest Avenue School are closed because of the flooding Thursday.

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