Signs of bed bugs spotted at 2 more federal buildings

Evidence of bed bugs has been found at two more federal office buildings in Ottawa and Gatineau, following discoveries of the pests earlier this month at other government offices.

Employees who work at 22 Eddy St. for Employment and Social Development Canada are being asked to work from home on Friday so a pest control company can treat their floor, according to Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), which manages government properties.

A small number of bed bugs were found on one floor of the building, according to PSPC.

PSPC also said it was informed late last week of possible bed bugs on the 16th floor of the Jean Edmonds Tower building at 300 Slater Street.

A pest control company treated the Slater Street location after a K-9 inspection of the building detected the presence of bedbugs, but PSPC said no visual evidence of bugs was found.

Bedbugs can get into homes and buildings on furniture or clothes, and travellers can inadvertently bring the biting insects home in suitcases.

Ottawa Public Health says the pests aren’t known to cause disease, but their bites can cause an itchy reaction.

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