Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame 2018

When we first had a conversation regarding a walk of fame for the Portuguese community it seemed like only a lunch time table topic.
Well six years later and entering into the new campaign starting today, this event has culminated into a major date that you need to book every year as it has evolved each and every year.
The 2018 campaign has started with the calling for nominations to be inducted into this years class, as well as selection to the builders category.
The Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame has had a stellar group that have been inducted starting in 2013 with the likes of Michael Nobrega, former CEO of OMERS, Nelly Furtado, singer to the likes of John Tavares, hockey player, Judge, Mme. Justice Maria Linhares de Sousa, and the Hon. Charles Sousa, Ministry of Finance for the province of Ontario.
You can have a glimpse of all the inductees that have been inducted into the Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame by visiting the web site at…
Here you can also nominate someone that you feel has had an impact on the community. This individual can be from any walk of life, in any career sector that you feel has had a significant impact on the Portuguese Community in Canada.
This being year six has shown that this yearly tradition is hear to stay and should be embraced by the community and is something that all Portuguese/ Canadians should be proud of….with this yearly tradition and its culmination of the ceremony as well as festivities around the date of the ceremony.
This years date of the induction of the class of 2018 will be on Saturday June 9, 2018 at 5.00 pm at 722 College Street.

Please circle that date on your calendar, and please check the web site for the entertainment schedule to be announced.
This event is such an incredible way to embrace the Portuguese community across the country and show case the talents from all sectors that make the community strong and encourage our youth that they can be whatever they want in life.
In these times with our global issues and financial vows this is a positive platform that gives our community a sense of positive outlook to continue and drive our community to be strong and prosperous for ourselves and especially for our youth.
Please take a moment and get involved by nominating someone to this years walk of fame …. its our duty to continue to help and support our communities across this great land that has given us all a better live for ourselves and our families.
This is one yearly event that all personal agendas should be put aside and work together as a community to select and grow this event to a national venue that all should be proud of….The Portuguese Canadian community…we are STRONG and PASSIONATE.

By Vince Black


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