Marco Muzzo now eligible for unescorted temporary absences

Corrections Canada confirms Marco Muzzo will now be eligible for unescorted temporary absences.

Muzzo, who pleaded guilty last year to impaired driving causing death in connection with a 2015 Vaughan crash that claimed the lives of three children and their grandfather, will be able to make an application for unescorted temporary absences starting today.

In an emailed statement Wednesday, Corrections Canada spokesperson Kyle Lawlor said temporary releases may be granted to inmates for medical or administrative purposes, community service, family contact, parental responsibility, personal development, or compassionate reasons.

“Temporary releases may be granted when it is considered that the inmate will not, by re-offending, present a risk to society during the absence. The temporary absence must also fit within the framework of the offender’s correctional plan,” Lawlor’s statement read.

Last March, 30-year-old Muzzo was sentenced to 10 years in prison and was banned from driving for 12 years in connection with the deaths of nine-year-old Daniel Neville-Lake, his five-year-old brother Harrison, their two-year-old sister Milly and the children’s 65-year-old grandfather Gary Neville.

Muzzo, who was driving home from the airport after his bachelor party in Miami on Sept. 27, 2015, slammed into the family’s minivan at Kirby Road and Kipling Avenue in Kleinburg.

Breath samples taken two hours after Muzzo was arrested showed that his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.

Corrections Canada says that offenders must have served a portion of their sentence before they become eligible to apply for unescorted temporary absences and offenders classified as “maximum security” are not eligible.

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