Highway overpass under construction collapses in Quebec City

An overpass that was under construction on a Quebec City highway collapsed Thursday, injuring three people.

The overpass on the Henry IV Highway gave way just after 11 p.m. The overpass crosses over Einstein Street.

A construction crew had been on the site, but no one was underneath, according to Quebec City’s fire service.

Units specializing in confined space and structural analysis were brought in to make sure no one was stuck.

CNESST investigating

Police say there were three workers on top of the overpass when it collapsed. They were pouring concrete when something went wrong and part of the structure caved in.

The three injured workers were able to make their way to the construction site’s emergency gathering point. Paramedics arrived soon after and examined them.

Two of the workers were released and one was taken to hospital as a preventive measure.

Quebec’s workplace health and safety board (CNESST) is investigating. Einstein Street is closed for an undetermined amount of time, but traffic on Henry IV Highway is not affected.


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