31 Newfoundlanders split $60M lotto jackpot

A group of 31 Come By Chance co-workers are splitting Newfoundland and Labrador’s biggest Atlantic Lottery Corp. jackpot.

The winners — all members of the Boilermakers Local 203 trade union, working at the Come By Chance refinery — received their cheque from Atlantic Lottery Corporation on Wednesday afternoon during an event at the Convention Centre in St. John’s.

The winning ticket-holders include a husband and wife, father and son and identical twin brothers.

Five of them retired immediately after learning of their prize, which will be about $1.9 million each, according to a news release from the ALC. Twenty-six are going to return to work at the refinery.

It’s not the first time that Southern Harbour’s Dustin Flight found himself on the receiving end of a lottery draw.

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